Following the one day symposium held last November titled ‘Education, Training and Development Reimagined’, this year’s symposium takes the deep conversation and challenges a step further. We ask the question, what should universities, colleges and human resource development practitioners in particular do differently in order to prepare for the inevitable changes and potential job losses due to the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the advances in technology?

This year’s symposium is a sequel to and builds on the one held last year. Taken with the right attitude, the future of work shouldn’t be focussed on job losses; it must still be focussed on people. People who will need to be re-orientated and whose skills may require to be realigned to the new organisations that technology is forcing us all to become.

The Future of Work is People! Come join us for these rich conversations.

We bring together academics, innovators, HR development experts, HR policy makers, regulators, students as well as HR professional associations to unpack these difficult but pertinent questions.

Seats are limited. Book yours early.